The Fortune’s Children Trilogy

Fortune’s Children (a short opera) was written during the summer of 2020. It is about a family whose lives are upended by a pandemic, and was designed to be performed live on Zoom for an audience of meeting attendees by singers in different locations. Hartford Opera Theatre produced it that October, in what we think was the first use of Zoom as a platform for opera, and then commissioned a sequel, Changing Fortunes, which was presented the same way in February of 2021.

Video of the performances exists, but is currently under embargo, because Hartford Opera Theatre is working on presenting those two works along with a third, Family Fortunes, in which the family comes together in person for the first time since the pandemic. We hope to have the whole thing on stage some time in 2023. The image below is a screenshot of one of the performances.

Markel Reed, Thao Nguyen and Darius Gillard in Changing Fortunes.