Sonata for Cello and Piano

Sonata for Cello and Piano 1 - Movement 1

Laura Bontrager, cello
Jenny Lin, piano

From the Albany Records CD of my music Seventeen Windows


This is a four-movement sonata based on the “classical” form. Duration: 20′. (2012)

I’m afraid the movements are just labeled “Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3, Movement 4,” but they follow the Allegro—Largo—Scherzo—Allegro model.

All four movements are based around a tension between B and its neighbor note C. In the outer movements, B is the tonal center; in the inner two movements it is the 3rd and 5th scale degree, respectively.

Cellist Laura Bontrager joins Jenny Lin for a first-rate reading of the composer’s Sonata for Cello and Piano

Paul Ballyk,