Full Court Press

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Don't Tell Me

Grayson explains to his assistant Jesse why he will not rush to judgment. Many thanks to Gil Brady for recording the demo.

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The Reverend's Prayer

Reverend Thomas, a long-time civil-rights preacher, has come to convince Grayson to fire Jeffries. Many thanks to Ezekiel Andrew for recording the demo.

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You And Me

Grayson’s activist daughter Jackie berates her mother Laura for wasting her abilities. Many thanks to Gabriela Hernandez and Kelli Maguire for recording the demo.

This is a musical in progress (with bookwriter Tony Sportiello). In its current form, it tells the story a small Southern university whose revered basketball coach Bob Jeffries is secretly recorded making racist remarks. The resulting media firestorm affects everyone in the town, and upends the lives of university President John Grayson and everyone in his orbit.