A Long Corridor With No Doors

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A Long Corridor With No Doors, for flute, synthesizer and percussion (shaker, 4 toms, cymbal). Duration 11’43”. (1993)

Originally composed as accompaniment to Lynn Wichern’s dance The Shadow from the Light, this virtuosic flute solo with keyboard and percussion accompaniment stands on its own, evoking moods of mystery and foreboding.

In 2014, the Glass Farm Ensemble commissioned an acoustic version, accompanying the flute with clarinet, piano, and percussion.

This live recording of the 2014 acoustic version features the Glass Farm Ensemble (Yvonne Troxler, director), with Martha Cargo playing the flute solo. The studio recording of the 1993 version features Irad Carmi, flute, Edward Brunicardi, percussion, and David Wolfson, synthesizer.