These links will take you to pages where you can purchase sheet music directly from the publishers.

Heat Lightning (solo multiple percussion, Bachovich Music Publications)

Pandora’s Box (percussion ensemble, Bachovich Music Publications)

Crushed Ice (percussion quartet, Bachovich Music Publications)

Time and Tide (cello quartet, Latham Music)

A Single Step (bass clarinet and piano OR bass clarinet and marimba, Alea Publishing and Recording)

“Pizza or Chinese” from The Ballad of Unintended Consequences (included in NewMusicShelf Anthology of New Music for Baritone Vol. 1)

“When First I Loved You” from Six Love Songs (included in NewMusicShelf Anthology of New Music for Tenor Vol. 1)

Mood Swings (viola and cello duet, Gusthold Music Publisher)

Euphory (woodwind quintet, Gusthold Music Publisher)

Four Distractions (violin duo, Gusthold Music Publisher)

Orotundia (brass quintet, Gusthold Music Publisher)

That Piece With the Trills In It (woodwind quintet, Gusthold Music Publisher)

Wide Awake (string quartet, Gusthold Music Publisher)