A Fine Invention

A Fine Invention is a short opera inspired by the numerous true stories of Christian Scientist couples who have to decide whether to seek medical care for their children, in contravention of the tenets of their religion. It is part of The Faith Operas.

The  video is of a production by Hartford Opera Theatre as part of their 2016 New in November festival. Cast: Lisabeth Kettledon Miller, Spencer Hamlin. Director: Kristy Chambrelli. Conductor: Joseph Hodge.

The lower video is of the Boston production. Cast: Stephanie Hollenberg as Holly, Jenny Searles Marguiles as Sylvia. Director: Patricia Maria Weinmann. Music Director: Brendon Shapiro. Conductor: Tian Hui Ng. Ensemble: Dierdre Viau, flute; Yhasmin Valenzuela, clarinet; Ryan Shannon, violin; Anna Seda, cello; Leah Kosch, piano; Daniel Lewis, percussion.