Play Like A Winner

Play Like A Winner is a new musical based on the play All About The Kids by Caytha Jentis. My collaborator is Erik Johnke, book and lyrics. Some of the demo recordings here were made in my living room and mixed and mastered by Chip Fabrizi at PPI Recording; a couple we recorded at PPI as well; and some I take full responsibility for.

Synopsis:Kathy is trapped in a affluent but deadening suburbia. When her 13-year old daughter has the chance to try out for soccer, she thinks she can finally vary her routine; instead, she spirals into homicidal madness.

Many thanks to the actors who gave their time and talent both to our readings and to this demo: Tamra Hayden as Kathy, Jonathan Root as Coach Nick, Lance Olds as Gary, Maggie Graham as Melissa, and Larry Dagget, Kelli Maguire and Martin van Treuren as the Other Parents (Sacrice, Play Like a Winner and Snack Mom) and Erin Cronican as Kathy, Casey Erin Clark as Melissa, and Rob Lorey as Gary (all other songs).


Play Like a Winner is the winner of the New York Musical Festival 2016 Developmental Reading Award! Visit the musical’s website here.

Song synopses:

Play Like a Winner: The parents coach their kids at tryouts as Coach Nick looks on.

Know Your Enemy: Melissa explains to Kathy what she needs to do to survive.

Snack Mom: Thanks to Melissa and the other parents, Kathy gets in deeper.

Sacrifice: Nick explains what is needed to make a winning team—and from whom.
Model Influence: Melissa makes it clear to Nick what she wants, and what she is willing to offer for it, as Gary is trapped in Nick’s closet.
Without You: Gary sends a text to his wife Tracy, begging for forgiveness.
The Day That We First Met: Kathy and Melissa throw it down.
Something Nutritious: Kathy (as Snack Mom) poisons her daughter’s rival’s drink before the Big Game.