Cat: Adventures of a Caterpillar

Cat:Adventures of a Caterpillar is a musical for children, book and lyrics by Erik Johnke, music by David Wolfson. It can be done by a cast of as few as 8, or many more; the premiere performance by The Strollers, a community theatre in Maplewood, NJ, had a cast of over two dozen children and adults.

A whimsical, picaresque tale of Cat’s travels as she meets different animals while traveling the African savannah and finally comes home wiser and prepared to claim a place in her community.

Cat:Adventures of a Caterpillar is available for performance. Please contact David Wolfson for a full demo CD, script or score.

cat logo









The logo from the Strollers production




The recordings are from the demo CD.


Cat: Kelli Maguire

Hippo: Dorothy Stanley

Worm, Vulture: Neal Mayer