The Faith Operas

The Faith Operas is an evening-length cycle of short operas on questions of contemporary religious faith, loosely based on true stories. It consists of three 10-15 minute operas—Maya’s Ark, Rapture and A Fine Invention—and one 45-minute piece, Heaven’s Gate. Each member of the cast of four singers appears in two or three of the operas. 

Maya’s Ark is about a woman who builds an ark in the parking lot of her church, and the minister of that church; it is a story of faith restored. Rapture is a about a woman who expects to be taken bodily up into heaven and her adult daughter; it is a story of faith destroyed. A Fine Invention is about a Christian Scientist couple whose child becomes gravely ill: faith challenged. And Heaven’s Gate is about the cult of that name who committed mass suicide in the late 1990s, apparently believing that they would receive new bodies aboard an alien spacecraft: faith distorted.

The video here is of the premiere production by Hartford Opera Theatre, for which I am immensely grateful.

For Casey Robards’ interview with me about The Faith Operas in National Opera Alliance’s “Sacred in Opera” Initiative newsletter, click here.

Director: Kristy Chambrelli. Conductor: Joseph Hodge

Cast: Julie DeVaere, mezzo-soprano; Tony Leathem, baritone; Lisabeth Miller, soprano; Gergory Zavracky, tenor.

Musicians: Luciana Arraes, Violin; Kayla Herrman, Cello; Blake Hansen, Piano.